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Planet Earth Extreme Makeover, changes, prophecies, spaceships.

Short-term Memory Loss

A magnificent view from your terrace, total privacy
yet with shops, work, entertainment on your doorstep....
An Adventure in Architecture!

Journey to a New Time



Welcome to Byways Travel, our new-style Travel Magazine.
We focus on a particular area,
with full coverage, lots of photos,
and useful personal recommendations.

TWINFOIL Catamaran Designs
Introducing the unique Twinfoil catamaran design, its slim hulls designed for speed and stability. The basic TWINFOIL concept can be applied equally for multiple uses: family cruising, racing, passenger ferries up to 100ft plus. Always stable, fast and economical.

Earth’s Ascension and the coming Earth Changes

Planet Earth and Humanity are rapidly approaching a time of significant Earth Changes as part of an ending of a major Evolutionary Age for all inhabited worlds within our Universe. Those who are prepared for “Ascension” are already in the process of moving up from our present Third Dimensional physical world on Planet Earth to the Fourth Dimension in preparedness for the coming of the necessary cleansing Earth Changes.

The trilogy of NEW EARTH Books, available as free downloads, provide a comprehensive resource of information, explanation, and encouragement towards preparing for our Ascension to an uplifted and rejuvenated New Earth.

Britain Forward

Orient Express
To most people the Orient Express is more an idea than a tangible entity.

We are most familiar with its life in fiction and cinema: Hercule Poirot solved his most famous case on it, Alfred Hitchock’s lady vanished from it and James Bond rode it from Istanbul to London.

But in fact this is not entirely fiction. Turn the clock back to the early years of the 1900s, and two forces were at work in Europe.

Now read on...!

The Berlin Wall


For forty years, East Germans lived under a regime of impoverishment and oppression.
Read the full story,
an eye-witness account including much otherwise unpublished detail and many photos.


The Baroque Music Site
Everything you need to know about baroque music.
Articles, composer biogs and portraits.

The Baroque Music Library
Complete works – concertos, sonatas,
organ and harpsichord.
Download FREE in mp3.

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Basic accounting principles.
Starting a business? You might like to read this.

A Diplomat's Life
'They toil not, they spin not; yet Solomon in all his glory
was not arrayed like one of these.' Indeed.
What is Democracy?
Demos, Kratos - Power to the People. But which people?
Total Transparency The City of Albuquerque
institutes new moves towards open government.
The Age of the Common Man
Power has shifted from governments and bankers to us,
the ordinary folks. Are we learning to use it?

How much Government? Left, Right and Centre
Right, Left, Protection, Oppression, and Liberty
are all a function of Government Intervention,
or more simply, How Much Government.
Governing Government.
Government governs the People.
Who, or what governs Government?
The Status of Constitution in Government
The Constitution must stand above Government
as the Supreme Law of the Land.
A One-Page Constitution

The Banking System Unmasked
Unveiling the masques.

A Green and Pleasant Land
Planning for an ideal environment.

The Story of Creation

Desert scene sandstorm brewing.

Embrace Renewal

When the rock of conflict is removed,
spiritual and intellectual growth can begin,
destined to reach new heights of intellectual, cultural and spiritual development.

The time will come.

A rustic hillside bench with sunrise over the valley

A nice thought to leave you with.