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The Politics of Liberty

The Art of Good Government
Where there is Injury, there must be Protection.
Where there is no Injury, there is neither cause nor justification
for the interference of law and the exercise of its power.

The Politics of Prosperity
People are disillusioned with politicians,
whose popularity is testing new lows.
Politicians should focus on what people really want: prosperity.

Liberty and Law
Law creates liberty, but can also destroy it.
The key lies in the amount of government control over its citizens.

Governing Government
Government is over-manned, over-pensioned, untrustworthy and untrusted.
And it claims anything up to half the nation's income.
We need a new Constitution, to impose obligations and limitations,
ensure accountability, and keep government accounts in order.

The Economics of Prosperity

Development Banking for Jobs and Productivity
Job-creation requires capital –
in sufficient quantity and with guaranteed longterm financial reliability.

Full Employment. Zero Inflation. And a Fair Day's Pay.
The absence of any defined relationship between work and reward
is a failure of social justice, and a barrier to full employment.

Productivity in Government
Government takes half the nation's income.
It needs to maximize its own productivity.

The Rocky Road to Prosperity
GROWTH or STAGNATION: Inflation is inevitable. So is recession.
PRODUCTIVITY and PROSPERITY: It's all possible.

The Banking System Un-masked
The naked truth revealed...


UK Unemployment
UK Unemployment Stats: Fact or Fiction? Fiction. Actually

Productivity or Immigration?
Yes, it’s a choice.

Great Britain: Heritage – Challenge
A political policy of Social Neutrality offers
economic growth, urban and rural heritage preservation
and government reform.

Credit: Unleashing the Potential
A Prosperous Britain. For all. Now. No problem.
When we unleash the Power of Credit.

Brexit: a Golden Opportunity
Fundamental change provides opportunity for review, revision, improvement.
Education, investment, growth. These are the tools of prosperity.
And they begin at home, here and now.

In the Beginning, the country was governed
by the wealthy landowners and industrialists
on the Right who sought to maintain their very satisfactory status quo.

Then the factory workers and the dispossessed, backed by social reformers
and inspired by the new ideals of Socialism,
took over the Left as the Loyal Opposition.

Right for the wealthies, Left for the rest.
And so it remains.
There is no Member, no Party, no ideal
that speaks for us all.

Politics as we know it has failed us.
We need to focus on prosperity, how to create it, and how to share it equitably.

Britain Forward

How to become a Fruitarian

New HoriZon Ebooks
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Interesting, eclectic selection of free, downloadable e-books covering
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Short-term Memory Loss


The New Earth
Earth Changes and the Ascension of Planet Earth.
Regular updates.

Embrace Renewal
Law and Governance in the New Age

Baroque Music Guide

The Baroque Music Site
Everything you need to know about baroque music.
Articles, composer biogs and portraits.

The Baroque Music Library
190 titles – individual works – concertos, sonatas,
organ and harpsichord works.
Download FREE in mp3.
A vital resource for baroque music lovers and students.


Welcome to Byways Travel, our new-style Travel Magazine.
We don’t set out to cover the world, rather, we focus on a particular area,
city or theme with full coverage including lots of photos,
and useful personal recommendations......
And we offer popular folk music from 10 countries,
100 tracks - free download. Go on, explore!

Planet Earth Extreme Makeover, changes, prophecies, spaceships.

A magnificent view from your terrace, total privacy
yet with shops, work, entertainment on your doorstep....
An Adventure in Architecture!

Journey to a New Time

Take a journey into the future. We hope that it will give you both inspiration,
and a vision which will help bring you to this New Time.
For although it already exists,
the distance you will need to travel in order to reach it is in your hands.


TWINFOIL Catamaran Designs
Introducing the unique Twinfoil catamaran design, its slim hulls designed for speed and stability. The basic TWINFOIL concept can be applied equally for multiple uses: family cruising, racing, passenger ferries up to 100ft plus. Always stable, fast and economical.

The Arton Library

The Four Phases of Capitalism
Private, joint stock, casino, and whizz kid.
Prosperity - Anti-prosperity
Non-productive overheads reduce our prosperity.
Globalization - Localization
Importing is fine,
but we need to produce something in exchange.
The Eurozone: Why does Germany call the shots?
Banking for industry, and teamwork. Any country can do it.


EDUCATION is an investment a country makes in its future.
Without it, we will never know what could have been...
Housing: Affordability and Forecolsure
Stabilizing the property market.
Man cannot live by debt alone.
Government and personal debt: the twin demons
NO to Austerity
Austerity just makes things worse.
YES to Growth!
Project-Secured Investment for a Productive Economy
Basic accounting principles.
Starting a business? You might like to read this.


A Diplomat's Life
'They toil not, they spin not; yet Solomon in all his glory
was not arrayed like one of these.' Indeed.
Productivity and Accountability in Government
Governments cut budgets by reducing services,
never by making them more efficient.
What is Democracy?
Demos, Kratos - Power to the People. But which people?
Total Transparency The City of Albuquerque
institutes new moves towards open government.
Britain and Europe – Liberty and Regulation
The British view of Law is based on a Presumption of Liberty.
The European basis of law is a Presumption of Regulation.
We should be clear as to the difference.
The Age of the Common Man
Power has shifted from governments and bankers to us,
the ordinary folks. Are we learning to use it?
How much Government? Left, Right and Centre
Right, Left, Protection, Oppression, and Liberty
are all directly interrelated, and are in turn a function
of what can be termed Government Intervention,
or more simply, How Much Government.


Governing Government.
Government governs the People.
Who, or what governs Government?
The Status of Constitution in Government
The Constitution must stand above Government
as the Supreme Law of the Land.

A One-Page Constitution

BANKS - Essential. Destructive.

Basics and Crises of our Banking System
How it should work, and where it went drastically wrong.
Regional Development Banking
for stability and growth - with no economic black spots
Regional Development Banking – Q & A
Setup and Questions
The Banking System Unmasked
Unveiling the masques.


A Green and Pleasant Land
Planning for an ideal environment.
Home on a Hillside
A new concept in cost-effective, sustainable urban living.

the peak of musical evolution.

Baroque music defined
Baroque music set in historical context.
Johann Sebastian BACH
A detailed biography covering all phases of his working life.
His life and work in Venice.
George Frideric HANDEL
The German-born composer whom England made very much her own.


The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall
The full story, including unpublished detail and photos.
Fascinating reading.
Günther Ramin – God and Music under Socialism
An inspiring story of persistence and survival -
the Sunday Bach Cantata broadcasts in East Germany.

TRAVEL to out-of-the-way places

VENICE - without breaking the bank!
A budget, quality hotel in peaceful friendly surroundings,
free shuttle to the City of your dreams!
Adventures on the Orient Express
This fabled train was once a focus of intrigue and espionage.
Baden Baden – Gateway to the Black Forest

There are two ways to acquire wealth:
– create it yourself, or
– take somebody else's.
Right Wing policy takes it from the 'workers',
Left Wing policy takes it back.
We need to focus on creating, not taking.

The Berlin Wall


For forty years, East Germans lived under a regime of impoverishment and oppression.
Read the full story,
an eye-witness account including much otherwise unpublished detail and many photos.


Where there is Injury, there must be Protection.
Where there is no Injury,
there is neither cause nor justification for the interference of law and the exercise of its power.

The Art of Good Government

Embrace Renewal

When the rock of conflict is removed,
spiritual and intellectual growth can begin,
destined to reach new heights of intellectual, cultural and spiritual development.

The time will come.

A rustic hillside bench with sunrise over the valley

Published in 1994, the basic principles outlined in these two volumes have not changed.

We should all be free to pursue our individual lives as long as we do not injure or dispossess others. Collaboration not confrontation. For collaboration is an infinitely more creative, more powerful, more productive force than confrontation.

The formula for Prosperity has not changed. Everybody working, everybody working productively, and a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. And there's no magic to it.